Carla grew up in a small Catholic village in the Italian Alps, where she connected deeply with the natural beauty around her, and the sensual and spiritual beauty within her. It was there that she had her first experience of divine presence, and felt at one with everything and everyone. She recognized that many people were suffering because of their beliefs that sexuality was sinful and was propelled to embark on her life’s work of helping people correct their beliefs around sensuality and sexuality.

Carla searched the world and studied its religious and philosophical systems to resolve the dichotomy she witnessed in modern culture between sexuality and spirituality. She found the resolution she sought in Tantra – the art of conscious, sensuous living – a lifestyle that honors lovemaking as divine communication.

Carla has taught Tantra in India, Italy, and throughout the United States. In New York, Carla has taught at the Jain International Center, the Inner Light Center, the Sufi Center, the Health Expo, the New Life Expo and the Learning Annex. She currently teaches group Tantra seminars and workshops at the New York Open Center and at her own Ohana Tantra School in New York and Maui, and trains a future generation of healers in her private her Daka/Dakini Certification Course.

Carla is a member of the American Association of Sexual Practitioners, and maintains a successful private practice helping individuals and couples attain their highest potential for intimacy, passion, and spiritual connection. She enjoys sharing her passion for deep and vibrant love with her clients. Her wisdom inspires and offers a sacred space for great transformation to occur. She uses sexual/spiritual energy and intention to help her clients expand beyond the constricting beliefs that impede their development, to create a juicy, new life full of abundance, deep connection, and fulfillment in all relationships.

Carla loves staying abreast of new approaches to Tantra, and exploring new ways to bring its healing power into our lives. You can hear her new radio show, “Tantra for the Soul”,  weekly online at As the host of “Tantra Today” on VoiceAmerica radio network, she presented a series of 20 interviews with major Tantra teachers, including Charles Muir, Lori Grace, Kutira and Raphael. Her most recent achievement is her new book, “Lessons from a Tantric Tango Dancer,” available NOW at

Carla’s Philosophy

I am in complete gratefulness for having a body that can…

· feel the touch of a hand and can touch another body who is conscious and loves to receive me,

· see another human and divine being; another being like me who has feelings and a brain that tries to make sense of all this;

· hear the sound of my lungs breathing in the spirit in the form of breath as well as the sound of the ocean, of the wind blowing, and of music…

· smell all kinds of fragrances,

· taste the most delicious food the earth is gifting us with…

My soul is divine and the Divine is grateful that I took this incarnation and nourish my body so it can experience making love with enthusiasm, passion and awe.

Tantra is the only philosophy I know that encourages me to take full advantage of all the gifts I’ve received and like a good parent teaches me how to use them to the fullest potential.

I believe that my over-soul sent a probe into this lifetime so it could experience all of this through this body temple that was named Carla.  Therefore I feel guided and helped along the way.

Since I am so aware of my blessings I made it my mission to help others reach their bliss by using all the Tantric tools that are available to us through Tantric masters who have discovered this truth before us.

I also want to make the science and art of Tantra as simple and down to earth as possible so many who are believing that there are only their personality and their body have the experience of merging sex with the heart and the spirit.

I believe that our ego mind is essential for our survival, but it has nothing to do with love.  However, since the identification with the ego is great, Tantra teaches us to take refuge in the senses to take us away from the ego mind until we build up enough energy to reach the higher part of our mind, where orgasm is experienced,  a merging between the duality of male and female that catapults us into unity with all that is.

Tantra is a simple way of reaching this enlightened experience and I like it because in my experience it is the fastest way to reach those levels of ecstasy that we are all yearning for.

If you are intent on uncovering the limitless potential of Tantra, please contact me to set up an appointment.


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