Daka Dakini Certification

In this advanced training and Daka Dakini certification course, you will explore the full depth of the world of Tantric Healing.

Advanced Tantra / Daka Dakini Certification will be held in July, 2014.

Video Testimonial From A Recent Student:

Whether you want to create a new career as a Tantrika (Dakini) or Daka, or to develop your knowledge for your personal healing, or to fine tune your Tantra teaching skills, this training is the complete package. You’ll learn compassionate communication, sound healing, breath work and classic Tantra techniques including Sex Magic.

This is a life-changing profession, and training you as a knowledgeable and present Sacred Sexual Healer is of paramount importance to me.  I believe that this knowledge has to be transmitted directly (hands on) from teacher to student, not just through students attending at a lecture about tantric tools and then being sent home to practice on their own.

All my teaching  includes experiential Tantra – you will practice staying open to inspiration in the face of some difficult situation presented to you with my support.

You will practice teaching the most important breathing techniques, PC muscle training, ejaculation control, and giving Tantric Massage, Goddess Sacred Spot Healing massage and God (Male) Sacred Spot Healing.  You will learn how to guide your partner to extended and multiple full body orgasms when ready.

Of course, you’ll also learn the business side of this rewarding profession: finding your own specialty, conveying it professionally and effectively on your website, providing ongoing client support, handling marketing, and exploiting the upcoming potential of social networking to connect powerfully with people seeking Tantra and Sexual Healing.

Are you ready to uncover your higher potential in sexual healing?

I would love to discuss your personalized training – call my office at 917-513-2500 or email me.

For a more detailed course description, please email Carla.

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Course Fee & Registration Information:

All course students must take a mandatory 1 hour private session with me prior to the training – this will ensure you are at a level to successfully complete the training, and to get the most out of it. This introductory private session is included in the course fee. As soon as you register, we will schedule your session. For students who have to travel to New York for the training, we will substitute 2 private Skype sessions.

Course fee is $2450.

 A $750 deposit by is required in order to register for the class. Your training actually begins with your deposit – when you make the financial commitment to the class, you align yourself in action with your intent and purpose. It is a powerful first step in your Tantric practice.

Remaining payment of $1700 to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to class. Please contact me to discuss a payment plan if you need it.

Bring-a-friend Get-a-discount: If you invite a friend or partner who enrolls in the training with you, you recieve a $600 discount on your registration fee (a 25% discount), bringing your course fee down to $1850 total. Let us know your friend’s name so we can process your discount.

After-course support: As you are setting up your practice and working with your first clients, you may have questions. I want to make sure you succeed in your new career, so your course fee includes up to 2 hours of phone consultation with me anytime in the first year after your course, for free. For students who require more support, I will be available for additional consulting at a discounted rate of $99/hour.

Repeating students: Former students of the course may repeat with me for 50% discount off the course price. This does not include the free private session. Phone support is also available for returning students at the discounted rate of $99/hour.

Cancellations and Refunds:   A cancellation fee of $200 will be withheld from any course fee refund, unless the course is cancelled by Carla.

Private Certification: For students who prefer one-on-one training, a private certification program is available for $2950.

Student Testimonials:

“I am so grateful to you Tara, for helping my heart and soul to open up to the richness of who I am as a person, a woman and a healer.  I am blessed and empowered to help others through your gentle wisdom.  Through your patient guidance, I have learned that a true healer talks less and listens more.  Thank you for giving me the love I needed to quiet the solemn murmurings of my inner child.  You have truly shown me that a dream lives inside everyone, waiting to blossom.  You have awakened me to my dreams and I am no longer dormant. I have become stronger and happier because of you, and you will always have a place in my heart.” ~Cassie