Daka Dakini Certification

At Last!!!

Master the Secrets of The Eternal Mystery Of Love!
Become a Certified Daka/Dakini!

October 3rd – 6th 2014 in NYC

To register, call 917-513-2500 or email me

Treat yourself to a life-changing profession! Start your own lucrative and fulfilling business by creating a positive influence on other people’s lives!Transforminto a sensuous healer andconfidentmuse in the sacred industry of Tantra!

This 5000 year old art and science liberates and uses pleasurable sexual energy to empowerclients to attain both spiritual and materialistic goals. Tantra teaches men and women connection, how to weave the polarity of the male and female energies into ONE. The ultimate aim of this harmony is to achieve enlightenment and abundance for all that yourHeart Desires.

Many studies support the importance of releasing sexual repression to create a happier and abundant life.  Freud’s lectures show that the subconscious is largely composed of sexually repressed feelings. Tantra is the practice to release these feelings.

Well-renowned author Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich devoted an entire chapter on Sexual Transmutation(Chapter 11). In this chapter, he describes that using sexual energy in a positive focused manner can create abundance in all areas of your life.

Nationally known family physician, Dr. Walt Larimore found that Sex Is Better Among Spiritual Couples. Tantra is the practice of using sexual energy for a spiritual and enlightened purpose.

In a study conducted at Harvard University, it was found that only half of the men and women surveyed had a satisfying sex life. And that 66.8% of the men and 56.7% of the women felt a satisfying sexual relationship is important to their overall quality of life.

If 100% of people learned and practiced Tantra, what would do you think their sexual satisfaction would be?

My experience shows that everyone who practices Tantra consistently enjoys a great sex life and a fulfilling relationship.

“The time I spent training with Carla was life-changing. Carla is one of the most loving, open, caring and wise people I have had the pleasure of working with. 

I have been active in my own person growth for 25 years and have helped many people work through their own obstacle on their journey to wholeness and happiness. 

The missing piece to achieving true joy, bliss and freedom for others, and myself I believe, is what Carla taught me over the time that we spent together. 

The information and knowledge that I received from Carla was priceless. The personal insights I gained while being in her presence, were achieved because of her compassion, intuitiveness and understanding of the human experience. Carla has not only changed my life for the better but will be impacting others with her teachings through me. She is truly a unique and shining light in her approach and in her ability to change peoples lives for the better.” -Alissa Cohen


In the Dakini Certification Course you will study:

  • How to raise Kundalini energy, worship the divine feminine and activate the chakras
  • Compassionate communication, sound healing, breath work and classic Tantra techniques including Sex Magic
  • Important breathing techniques, PC muscle training, ejaculation control, and giving Tantric Massage, Goddess Sacred Spot Healing massage and God (Male) Sacred Spot Healing.  You will learn how to guide your partner to extend orgasms and experience multiple full body orgasms when ready.
  • The business side of this rewarding profession: finding your own specialty, conveying it professionally and effectively on your website, providing ongoing client support, handling marketing, and exploiting the upcoming potential of social networking to connect powerfully with people seeking Tantra and Sexual Healing.

After-course support: As you are setting up your practice and working with your first clients, you may have questions. I want to make sure you succeed in your new career, so your course fee includes up to 2 hours of free phone consultations with me anytime in the first year after your course. For students who require more support, I will be available for additional consulting at a discounted rate of $99/hour.


To register, call 917-513-2500 or email me.


All course students must take a mandatory 1-hour private session with me prior to the training – this will ensure you are at a level to successfully complete the training, and to get the most out of it. This introductory private session is included in the course fee. As soon as you register, we will schedule your session. For students who have to travel to New York for the training, we will substitute 2 private Skype sessions.



Course fee is $2450.

 A $750 deposit is required in order to register for the class. Your training actually begins with your deposit – when you make the financial commitment to the class, you align yourself in action with your intent and purpose. It is a powerful first step in your Tantric practice.

Remaining payment of $1700 to be paid in full 2 weeksprior to start of the to class (October 3, 2014). Please contact me to discuss a payment plan if you need it.

Bring-a-friend Get-a-discount: If you invite a friend or partner who enrolls in the training with you, you receive a $600 discount on your registration fee (a 25% discount), bringing your course fee down to $1850 total. Let us know your friend’s name so we can process your discount.

Repeating students: Former students of the course may repeat with me for 50% discount off the course price. This does not include the free private session. Phone support is also available for returning students at the discounted rate of $99/hour.

Cancellations and Refunds:A cancellation fee of $200 will be withheld from any course fee refund.



For students who prefer one-on-one training, a private certification program is available for $2950.

Interested?  Call 917-513-2500 or email me.